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Professional and academic background

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I am a dedicated psychotherapist that emphasizes trauma recovery and wellbeing. Sensitive to multicultural backgrounds, diversity, and cross-cultural experiences. Fluent in Spanish, French, and English.

As a certified trauma therapist,  I perform EMDR psychotherapy treatment that facilitates the accessing and processing of traumatic memories and other adverse life experiences to bring these to an adaptive resolution. After successful treatment with EMDR therapy, affective distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and physiological arousal is reduced.

A large part of my success while working with children, youth and adults stems from my ability to cultivate an intuitive understanding of their needs, deep care, interpersonal skills, experience, and mastery of evidence-based intervention models.

Professional History

I am a Psychologist with more than 20 years of experience.

As a therapist I master evidence-based intervention models.

I am certified in trauma therapy, EMDR therapy, and health psychology.

I have extensive experience in school psychology as well.

 I have volunteers as a First Aid Psychologist on several natural disasters.

I offer psychotherapy, counseling, consultations, lectures and workshops.

Psychotherapist in
Private Practice 

 2016 - to date


 I offer EMDR Trauma Focused Psychotherapy in English, French and Spanish. I address PTSD,

C-PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, life crisis, acute stress, among others. I also work with no-symptomatic clients that are looking for a better performance in arts, athletics, academics, etc.

Associate Psychologist at Kendall Psychological Associates, MA.


Trauma Therapy, EMDR, Flash Technique, & Progressive Counting. Remote therapy for chronic pain, PTSD, attachment trauma, generalized anxiety, depression, phobia, panic attacks, and grief.

Primary Care Psychologist At The Diabetes Pediatric Foundation, Puerto Rico

Assessment and treatment of mental health problems of patients with diabetes type 1 and 2. Psychological counseling in diabetes management and its implications in learning, behavior and socio-emotional aspects.


Psychological First Aid

Since 2001 to date

Earthquake, 2020, Puerto Rico

Hurricane María, 2017, Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma,  2017, refugees from St. Thomas 

Earthquake, 2001,  El Salvador

School Psychologist and School Counselor at Academia del Perpetuo Socorro


Perpetuo Socorro Academy is a Bilingual Private School in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 


Children and Youth Psychology at Services Psychologiques



Services Psychologiques is located in El Salvador-
Psychological assessment and counseling for children, youth and parents. Psychological and psychoeducational assessments.

Counseling Psychologist HIV Patients


Hogar Reina De La Paz is located in El Salvador. This is Clinic was founded by Mother Theresa of Calcuta. I offered individual and group psychotherapy.

School Psychologist at Lycée Français



Lycée Français is located in El Salvador. Psychological and academic counseling to the school community, students, teachers, parents. 

Psychologist in Catholic Community

 New Alliance Catholic Community in El Salvador. Individual psychotherapy to children and adults. Integration of the Model of Spiritual Psychology.

2007- 2009



EMDR International Association Certification in 2020

Integrating EMDR into Clinical Practice, 2019

EMDR Chronic Pain Protocol, 2021 


EMDR and DBT, 2020

Remote EMDR, 2020

EMDR level 1 and 2, certification. Francine Shapiro Institute, 2001-2002


The Trauma Institute & The Child Trauma Institute - Boston, MA.



Progressive Counting

 Flash Technique

Slaying the dragon


Interamerican University

of Puerto Rico


Internship at Interamerican Psychology Clinic.

Assistant Professor of Clinical Supervision Class.


Dissertation: Neurocognitive functions in children with type-1 diabetes.

Recognition: Outstanding Practicum


Ana G. Mendez University

of Puerto Rico

  • Sum Cum Laude.

  • Recognition: Who Is Who Among Students.


Evergreen Certifications

Eau Claire, WI.

 PESI 2020

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