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consultations and workshops

Corporate workshops

It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to prioritise their employee’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Doing so not only ensures a happier, more stable team, but also prevents absenteeism, high staff turnover, and conflict within the workplace.

I run a range of corporate workshops on topics including:
  • Team/ Group Integration 

  • Effective Stress Management

  • Building Emotional Resilience

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • The 7 principles of effective people (based on Stephen Covey best seller)

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Wellness

  • Mindfulness

  • Overcoming performance anxiety

  • Best self

All workshops are approximately 2hrs long or more. Workshops are tailored to the organization´s need and interests. 


Professional development support for new mental health professionals through clinical supervision in the​ psychotherapy field. 

A career as a mental health professional can be highly rewarding, but it’s not entirely free of challenges. At times, your work with a client might stall or seem difficult to continue. You might wonder whether it’s best to refer them to someone else. If you have a private practice, you might feel even more isolated or uncertain when facing tough therapy situations. 

Peer consultation 

A peer consultation can support you through these challenges. These groups are crucial tools for your success as a therapist. Within the group, you and a few other therapists can share clinical experience and therapy strategies.

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