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Trauma Focused

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What is Trauma-Focused Therapy?

First, trauma can occur from any stressful event that impacts you emotionally and psychologically and makes you feel so overwhelmed,  whenever you lose your sense of security or feel helpless.


Trauma can result from a one-time situation or an ongoing stressors.


For many, trauma experiences might make it difficult to deal with subsequent other issues and problems that would otherwise not be of consequence.

Today it is well understood in psychology that traumatic experiences, even if they seem comparatively unrelated to present problems, do have an impact.


Trauma does not go away because it was never addressed and treated; it just goes unnoticed and continues to hamper emotional, social, and physical health.


When the trauma is recognized and understood through therapy, it is easier to treat and provide therapy for the other problems that are a result of the trauma.

Is Trauma Informed Therapy Right For Me?

If you have experienced trauma in your life it is important to understand that it affects your life now. The trauma left untreated does not go away. It buries itself in the psyche and emerges in destructive behaviors such as depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems.


Trauma-informed therapy is right for anyone who has experienced trauma in their life.

Trauma-informed therapy addresses the underlying trauma that triggers undesired thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that surface. If the trauma is not addressed therapy cannot be effective. It is impossible to solve a problem when pieces to the puzzle are missing.

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